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The following are the major products of Arrison:

1) Manufacturing resources planning system

This software package is developed to suit the needs from manufacturers who require BOM, Production, Capacity planning, purchase requisition and material transfer functions.

2) Stock Inventory control system

        The stock system includes invoice, customer order, delivery notes, quotations, purchase order, goods receive, stock movements, packing list and various reports.

3) Accounting System

        The accounting system includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, charts of account, P/L accounts, Balance sheets accounts and various reports.

4) Tailor-made System

        Special made application system from database, Web applications and communication applications via communication port with other system or machines. e.g. Human Resource and Payroll System

        CRM system

5) Hardware integration

        Implementation of Local Area Networks on Microsoft, Novell, workgroups and Linux servers. Also, we integrate WAN applications of Internet connections, VPN, Multiplexers and LAN routers for remote sites.

6) Regular Support

        We also provide Computer system support (Including hardware and software) on regular basis.

Customized System

We can customize solution from scratch or modify our existing package to suit your need. We provide programming services using JavaScript, C#, VBA and Visual Foxpro on SQL 


Office 365

Microsoft 365 Business

PowerApps Development

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

Arrison Technology Limited

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